Friday, February 24, 2006

Blue Begonia at Burning Word

The Washington Poets Association presents

Burning Word 2006

The Festival of Poetic Fire!

At Historic Greenbank Farm on Whidbey Island, WA
Saturday, April 29, 2005 - All Day!

All Day-All Event Passes: only $15 Adults, $7.50 Students

The Washington Poets Association will commemorate its 35th anniversary Saturday April 29th by presenting "Burning Word 2006", a dynamic, all-day celebration of poetry, music, performance, and workshops, featuring more than 40 talented poets and musicians, ranging from renown award-winning poets to hot new talents you'll want to discover.

The 2005 Main Stage will feature the non-stop excitement of more than 40 accomplished poet/performers. Festival headliners this year are internationally acclaimed poets Carolyn Kizer and Tess Gallagher. Also featured will be Madeline DeFrees, Tara Hardy, Ilya Kaminski, and Amalio MadueƱo.

The other outstanding Main Stage talent includes: Caleb and Rijl Barber, Bart Baxter, Jim Bodeen, Gloria Burgess, John Burgess, Lyn Coffin, Barton Cole, Sharon Cumberland, j.d. crosato, J.Glenn Evans, Thomas Hubbard, Holly Hughes, Paul Hunter, Christopher J. Jarmick, Don Kentop, Claudia Mauro, Terry Martin, Jack McCarthy, Tiffany Midge, Kevin Miller, Jed Meyers, John Olson, Peter Pereira, Eve Preus, Martha Silano, Joni Takanikos, Kary Wayson, the Weathered Pages poets, Brian Whittingham, Jane Winslow, and Pieter Zilinsky.


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sky said...

howdy blue begonia- I'd really like to take part in a few events over onj this side of the state... is anyone keeping an e-mail list going currently? I was contacted initially but then didn't hear anything until they were all over... I'll try to watch the blog a little closer. Thanks!