Friday, September 21, 2007

True North/Nord Vrai

B l u e B e g o n i a P r e s s , I n c .

Jody Aliesan's True North/Nord Vrai has just been released from Blue Begonia Press.

Jody's story, and the story of the book are compelling in many of the ways that the book is compelling.

Blue Begonia Press stretches out believing in the larger story Jody carries. Here's part of the story.

Jody Aliesan left the US three years ago. We expect that her longtime readers in the Pacific Northwest and farther afield will be interested in knowing what she's doing now, both personally and in her writing. A library service in New York ordered copies of True North/Nord Vrai immediately after we registered it with the Library of Congress. University Book Store in Seattle posted the book online two months ago and is collecting orders. Last week we received a request from a professor of political science in Tennessee who heard of the book word of mouth. Canadians have become aware of Aliesan's presence in their midst; without our approaching them, the Vancouver public library and the city's independent and chain bookstores already offer her most recent books. Aliesan has said she will not be crossing the border south again and that True North/Nord Vrai is such an exposure that personal appearances would be excessive. We will market her reticence and principle to pique curiosity and to focus readers on the book itself.

It can be ordered directly from the press, at

Jim Bodeen, President

(509) 452-9748

Jody Aliesan: True North/Nord Vrai

186pp, 7"x 9" trade softcover

ISBN: 0-911287-58-2

$18.00 USD

Excerpts at

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