Saturday, September 17, 2005

New From Blue Begonia Press

--Rob Wyman
This Steady Place, debut poetry from Keely Murphy

14 Lines
3 Strikes

210 different covers

21 poems

Doug Johnson

Experimental, Innovative, Improvisational

Blue Begonia Press is proud to announce a return of the Working Signs series of chapbooks. The award-winning series features limited edition, handmade blends of technology and tradition. The books are the result of a collaboration between writers.

This Steady Place, by Keely Murphy, has already had it’s first review. Rob Wyman, a public defender from Seattle, Washington, was handed This Steady Place at Bumbershoot 2005. He was laughing about something when he opened the book. His laugh became a smile. His hand went to his chin and he turned to a serious reading of the first poem.

When he was done, he turned around and said “Man.”

If you ever think there’s nothing new to be said, read Keely Murphy’s debut.

Doug Johnson’s new book, 14 Lines 3 Strikes features 210 different versions of the same book. Each cover has completely original artwork. The entire book is a study in originality and improvisation. The poems are a sequence of jazz sonnets about baseball, teaching, family, art and the arbitrary.

Doug Johnson, one of the creators of the Working Signs series in 1998, is the first poet to have two Working Signs chapbooks. As with his first chapbook, Bardons Crossing, Johnson gives you the envelope and then he pushes it open in your hands. The book is intimate and personal by design.

These are the first two of a new wave of Working Signs.

They are written by two poets from Weathered Pages.

The three books together make a very nice set.

This Steady Place--$15

14 Lines 3 Strikes--$10

They are available, along with Weathered Pages, at Inklings Booksellers and by contacting the press directly at:

Blue Begonia Press
225 South 15th Avenue
Yakima, WA

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